Hortonworks develops, distributes and supports the only 100% open source Apache Hadoop data platform. Founded by engineers and architects from original Hadoop development team, Hortonworks Data Platform integrates deeply with existing IT investments upon which enterprises can deploy Hadoop-based applications.

Hadoop will see an increased adoption in 2017. Hadoop has become an integral part of every modern data architecture. This is mainly due to the value it brings with flexibility of data ingestion and its scalable computational power. It is therefore going to be an essential element of data ingestion in Digital transformation. This has changed the way the industry perceives Hadoop, from water-like to threaded fabric.

Machine Learning and Data Security are the most important use cases of Hadoop. Leveraging Hadoop, many enterprises are developing data warehouses for BI reporting which in turn would be utilized for deriving insights through Machine Learning. Industries are thriving on data and hence there is never enough of it.

Enterprises across industry domains are adopting Hadoop as a part of their IT infrastructure. Complexity of data to be managed can bring about challenges in Hadoop implementation which is otherwise rather undisturbed. The challenge of finding the right partner for the process tops the list. Having the right Big Data Engineers on board who provide Hadoop Consulting Services is very critical when it comes to Big Data.

The challenge here lies in finding the right suite of developers who are in sync with the Big Data requirements. Experience in the Big Data technological stack is a key factor in selecting the right staff. Furthermore, since Hadoop is used to store sensitive data, growing security issues continue to be a point of concern. Benefits of using Hadoop:

Hadoop is a cost-effective solution for huge data sets and proves to be the beneficial choice for Big Data deployments. Hadoop makes it easier for enterprises to store and process orders of gigantic data sets. Traditionally used Relational Database Management Systems are not as successful as Hadoop in processing huge amounts of data. Hadoop can store and distribute large data sets across hundreds of servers. Hadoop being an Open Source product, reduces the overall TCO for enterprises while improving scalability.

Simplicity is Hadoop’s key feature. This simplicity comes with Hadoop being written in a language that is widespread and easy to comprehend - Java. This makes it easier for developers to handle tasks and process data. Along with being simple, Hadoop framework is also fast and flexible. Hadoop allows only specific users to access secure data and hence prevents the system from unauthorized or illegal access.

Nous Infosystems has been a certified Silver System Integrator (SI) partner with Hortonworks since 2012. We offer Hadoop Consulting Services for enterprises to address their Big Data challenges.

Nous' Hortonworks Big Data Services

Strategic Consulting
  • Big Data Strategy Definition
  • Business Use Case Identification and Definition
  • Data Assessment
  • Proof of Concept
  • Architecture Design
Infrastructure Setup and Support
  • Installation and Integration of Hadoop Clusters
  • Configuring Hadoop Clusters for optimum performance
  • Monitoring of Hadoop Clusters
Development, Maintenance and Support
  • Hortonworks based Big Data Application Development
  • Integration with Existing Enterprise Data Warehouse and Data Sources
  • Data Management Services
  • Data Visualization Solutions
  • Migration Services
Data Analytics and Insights Application Development
  • High-impact data visualization
  • Inferential Statistical Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive Analytics

Understand the growing types of data which puts tremendous pressure on the data architecture of your organization. Learn how Hortonworks Data Platform addresses the changing needs of enterprise data processing.


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