Optimizing Businesses with NeoLoad Performance Testing

Neotys helps over 1500 organizations in more than 60 countries to ensure their applications' reliability, performance and quality. Neotys NeoLoad is a new age load testing software solution designed for web and mobile applications to realistically simulate user activity and monitor infrastructure behavior.

Nous, with expertise in NeoLoad testing, leverages comprehensive tools such as NeoLoad Performance Testing Tool and services to leverage NeoLoad’s exclusive technology. We deliver end-to-end application performance measurement, analysis and optimization across technologies. Our Neotys specialists diagnose performance issues and provide recommendations to improve the performance of the underlying heterogeneous infrastructure. With comprehensive NeoLoad testing, we help customers utilize Neotys for Mobile and Cloud based performance testing to meet business and user experience expectations.

Nous - Neotys Advantage

Nous-NeoLoad services

Nous-NeoLoad services

  • Load, Stress, Endurance and Scalability Tests
  • Design load testing plan
  • Performance tuning based on load testing results
Tool Migration and Integration Services

Tool Migration and Integration Services

  • Migration to NeoLoad from HP Load Runner to save upto 80% of time in porting scripts
  • NeoLoad Integration with CI and Test Management tools
  • NeoLoad Integration with Perfecto Mobile
Performance Engineering and Capacity Assessment

Performance Engineering and Capacity Assessment

  • Analyze thresholds, bottlenecks and limitations
  • Environment set-up to vary the nature of traffic on-demand.
  • Reduction in cost and time by simulating thousands of geographically targeted users
Cloud-Based Performance Testing

Cloud-Based Performance Testing

  • Generation of load from different geographies
  • On-demand test infrastructure setup

Why Nous' Neoload Performance Testing

  • With expertise in NeoLoad testing, we have certified NeoLoad experts to deliver performance and load testing services.
  • In-house development team for accelerators and stubs development
  • Framework and re-usable modules to reduce scripting effort
  • Test data generators, well defined process, methodology & report templates
  • In-house utility for migrating HP Load Runner scripts to Neotys NeoLoad Performance Testing tool
  • Save up to 80% migration duration time in porting your scripts to NeoLoad
Nous' Neoload Performance Testing
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Discover how Nous helps customers migrate from expensive performance testing tools to Neotys NeoLoad. Nous provides light weight user friendly migration utility which provides hassle free migration.


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