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Perfecto enables exceptional digital experience and helps you transform your business with a quality-first approach to create web and native apps. More than 1,500 customers, across industries rely on Perfecto Mobile Performance Testing to deliver optimal mobile app functionality and seamless end user experience. Continuous Quality Lab (CQ Lab), Perfecto’s cloud-based platform, helps users build, test, and monitor and optimize mobile app usability and performance. CQ Lab enables users to remotely access a large selection of real mobile devices.

As one of the Premier Perfecto Mobile Testing companies, we offer full range of mobile testing services to enhance usability and user experience, while nurturing brand loyalty. With mobility testing as one of the major technology focus areas, we deliver improved testing flexibility, quality level and time-to-market. Leveraging Perfecto’s cloud platform, we offer end-to-end mobility testing services to ensure unmatched quality and results.

Discover the Nous Advantage as a comprehensive Perfecto Mobile Testing company

  • Proven expertise in defining and executing mobile end-user experience metrics
  • Dedicated Perfecto Mobile Performance Testing lab to drive business-driven tests
  • Best practices for executing tests on variety of real devices and networks
  • Enable mobile performance testing to assure high end-user experiences
  • Help you analyze the impact of server load on mobile users
Nous - Perfecto Mobile Testing Services

Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab, All-in-one Mobile Quality Lab

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Remote Manual Testing

As a Perfecto Mobile Testing company, Nous enables users to perform manual testing seamlessly on numerous real devices, Oss and carriers, anytime anywhere

Perfecto Test Automation

Test Automation

Automate app testing to achieve continuous integration and fast release cycles.

Perfecto Performance Testing

Perfecto Performance Testing

Perfecto mobile Performance testing solutions helps achieve better user experience by easily including performance testing as part of your software development life cycle.

perfecto mobile performance testing

Perfecto Mobile Monitoring

Allows proactive monitoring on the mobile app usability and performance under real user conditions and provides real time alerts for performance attributes

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See the top devices and platforms being used currently, to ensure your app remains prominent in the market. Perfecto regularly compile and analyze data from the market and users to develop a comprehensive view of the devices used by customers. Mobile Index coverage helps you understand the top devices and platforms you need to test.


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