Building a Connected Digital Future with Seamless MuleSoft Integration

Managing multiple, complex API integrations is no simple feat, but with Nous’ MuleSoft services, it will be seamless, well-managed, and risk-controlled.

Nous Infosystems offers a range of comprehensive MuleSoft services to help organizations build a connected and integrated ecosystem. We enable businesses to achieve greater agility by creating reusable APIs and loosely coupled applications. Our expertise in API-led connectivity helps ensure frictionless integration and data sharing among applications.

Leverage our offerings to develop, implement, and test APIs with ease, and integrate them effectively with an internal or a third-party system.


Advisory Services


  • Readiness assessment
  • Design enterprise-level Mule architecture
  • Strategy roadmap and development, deployment
  • Develop different kinds of security policies for service APIs
Design Automation

Development & Integration

  • Connectors development
  • API management
  • Scalable architecture to support multiplatform and third-party integrations
  • Extending the functionality of existing standard MuleSoft connector
  • Migrating API/integration platform to MuleSoft
Customized RPA Solutions

Support & Maintenance

  • Ongoing MuleSoft maintenance
  • L1, L2, and L3 support services
  • 24/7 MuleSoft support
Support Services

API Testing

  • API specification review
  • Test specification development
  • Test framework development
  • Test execution and reporting

Nous Differentiators


Certified Resources

  • Skilled and certified MuleSoft resources

Custom Connectors

  • Nous Mule SDK
  • Connect systems


  • Codeless Automated API testing


  • Instant API connectivity
  • Pre-packaged Anypoint connectors
  • Rapid connectivity to SaaS technologies
  • Seamless business processes

Integration Solutions

  • Integration best practices with various process tools, templates, standards and guidelines
  • Reusable components
  • Architectural references
  • Modularity and collaboration
  • Reduced integration costs

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