Leverage the full potential of ServiceNow

Ensuring a healthy ServiceNow environment and keeping pace with the ever-expanding platform is key to achieving ServiceNow ROI and operational success. However, many ServiceNow customers face barriers that prevent them from leveraging the full potential of the NOW platform.

Nous has created SNOW Desk - a highly flexible, subscription-based solution to manage all ServiceNow needs. SNOW Desk provides both dedicated and shared services models and delivers a range of operational, tactical, and strategic services tuned to meet unique ServiceNow requirements.


ServiceNow Implementation Support

ServiceNow implementation support

ServiceNow Integration Support

ServiceNow integration support

ServiceNow Platform Development Support

ServiceNow platform development support

Development, Enhancements & Customizations

ServiceNow development, enhancements & customizations

Traditional L1-L3 SLA based support

Traditional L1-L3 SLA based support

Administration, Upgrade & Deployment

Administration, upgrade & deployment


  • Expertise and capability

ServiceNow certified experts to take care of the NOW platform

  • Operational efficiency

Best practices using Nous instance with pre-configured processes ready on Day 1

  • Complete support solution

L1/L2/L3 SLA based support model with year-on-year optimization of support costs

  • Cost efficiency

Affordable price models; pay only for what you need, when you need, and how much you need


Learn how our managed services offerings will help you get the most out of the NOW platform.

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Explore our ServiceNow Managed Services offerings and learn how we can help you meet ServiceNow requirements unique to your business.

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