HIPAA Validation

Health organizations are continuously adopting new technologies to meet the regulatory compliance and competition. Our Testing services help you in ensuring your IT initiatives meet your set objective to optimize business profits through its Independent Verification and Validation Testing Services.

Compliance Testing is performed to maintain and validate the compliant state for the life of the software. Every industry has a regulatory and compliance board that protects the end users.

In healthcare, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) includes an administrative simplification section, which mandates protecting the information assets of patients.

With the increasing demand for interoperability, regulatory compliance, and the end-user technology (mobile, multiple OS) compliance, testing of healthcare applications today involves deep technology expertise, significant time and resources, and inflated costs. We provide compliance solutions for 21 CFR Part 11,Section 508, HL7, HIPAA,ICD-10 and Meaningful use.

Nous compliance testing services

  • EMR/EHR/Patient Health Record/Practice Management system/LIS/LIMS
  • Clinical Trial Management Systems
  • Pharmacovigilance and Adverse Events
  • Site Management
  • Clinical IVRS Systems
  • CRO Workflow Management Systems
  • Patient / Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligence

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