Mobile Health

With the revolution in Mobile Technology, the trends seen in Healthcare is enormous and integrated. Higher patient engagement and use of mobile technology are seen to be one of the primary enablers of care management for both, care givers and Payers. The ability of mobile health to access and deliver healthcare information across healthcare systems and entities has far-reaching implications. Mobile health applications can support healthcare workflows across the care continuum - physicians, facilities, sponsors, communities and patients.

A growing number of developing countries are using mobile technology to address various healthcare needs. The mHealth field is remarkably dynamic, and the range of applications being designed is constantly expanding.

The key applications for mHealth in developing countries are:

  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Education and awareness
  • Remote data collection
  • Communication and training for healthcare workers
  • Disease and epidemic outbreak tracking
  • Diagnostic and treatment support
  • Telemedicine
  • Appointment Reminders

Payers face challenges in building integrated solution involving multiple systems related to Access to plans, benefits, coverage, prescription and other medical data; Ability to research for plans, drug, provider, doctors or urgent care; Access to medical records; Deployed systems to be HiPAA standards compliant on privacy and security; Integration with wellness programs, symptoms check and other existing infrastructure

Providers are looking at mHealth adoption to Lower overall cost of care for -patients, Reduction in administrative time for medical personnel, allowing greater time for patients, more efficient internal processes/communication, manage patient expectations/demand and opportunity to provide new services/tap into new markets.

Added to these, Compliance with the regulation on privacy and security and increased budgetary pressure makes the challenges multi-fold.

Mobile health services

  • Design and develop mobile application architecture including multi-browser capabilities to address above mentioned challenges.
  • Develop enterprise mobility gateways to support interoperability with enterprise and consumer mobile applications.
  • Develop specialized apps for patient engagement and support integration with clinical workflows using relevant standards (e.g. HL7,CCD,CCR).
  • Use of tablets / smartphones for a next generation user experience and rich visualizations at point-of-care.
  • Leverage smartphones for tracking patient health and routing healthcare data.
  • Partnership with Kony, an Industry leader with Framework for Cloud solution and ability for Multi-channel.

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