User Experience (UX)

In the current environment, healthcare providers wants to design the applications towards patient-centric and place UX at the heart of their design process. The providers are undertaking many approaches for the improvement and effectiveness of the services that are being provided and what actually the patients need and expect to get high quality in healthcare.

Patients increasingly want to be involved in their own health care. This can at least be partially attributed to the rise of the internet, which has made easier for the patients to access information on various diseases, possible treatment routes, and various brands of pharmaceuticals or medical devices. Online, people may also find reviews of other patients undergoing a particular treatment or using a particular drug. Patients differentiate between healthcare providers basis their experience which is a key consideration for determining if they'll return to or recommend the same provider to others.

Over the past few decades, quality service outcomes have improved dramatically and one of the main tenets or principles of User Experience Design is to incorporate the user feedback into the design process. The design process should be managed effectively, dealt with experienced interpretation and with a thoughtful application of inputs received from the patients if the providers want to implement a successful User Experience Design process and make it work effectively for them.

Nous understands the importance of UX for the success and adoption of a product. A user-centric design attaches the user to a product, application or a website emotionally. Usability should never be an afterthought. Adopting an early User Centered Design process helps to develop an application which guarantees ease of use, efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction. The Nous UX Team always thinks from the end user’s perspective by first understanding their task requirements. Nous’ User Centered Design process guarantees significant impact on your product success and tangible Return on Investment.

User Experience Methodology

User Centered Design process

Our approach is based on in-depth research and analysis of data on end-user requirement, followed by iterative testing. We continuously test our designs at every stage of the design process to ensure user acceptance. Further we coordinate with the development team and provide support during the implementation process, also. Thus our designs are extremely user friendly, ensuring that your product/application or websites are used over and over again.

Our Healthcare Subject matter expert (SME) will work closely with Product owner/sponsor/End users in delivering consumer centric design/information architecture approach. Our UX team consists of skilled resources in designing for the web, mobile, and enterprise applications domains. This team has expertise in Expertise in UX design best practices, trends and techniques.

Nous UX team will help you address following challenges in designing Healthcare and Lifescinces applications/products

  • Trends shift toward fully responsive, device-agnostic design.
  • 'Mobile first' movement continues gaining traction, leading to click-based navigation and techniques to be well-thought.
  • Browser wars leading to embracing standards-based innovation.
  • Agility in requirement and development processes requiring constant change and improvisation to suit business needs and market trends.

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