Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

With the advancement in new technologies, the LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) features are not limited to only data, process and product management, but much beyond the complexity. The primary need to manage data from the lab has to be made more meaningful and valuable asset of the organization. Integration involving the SDMS (Scientific Data Management System) and ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) seamlessly has become a common feature.

Days of interfacing limited to Desktop are over and with mobility being new-age driving force, adoption to mobile application is a necessity. With teams collaborating from different geographical locations and to support varying infrastructure need, Cloud services are consideration of any new age LIMS. With growing popularity of SaaS, LIMS are expected to enhance adoption in future.

Business Challenges

  • Maintaining of data integrity, accessibility and longevity, supporting volume, range and complexity of data, without compromising quality and efficiency levels.
  • Interfaces that provide exact information needed to quickly understand and make timely and effective use of data.
  • Implementation of Cloud Services that meets HIPAA regulatory requirements.
  • Implementation of Phase 2 of LIMS projects are generally difficult.
  • Integration with SDMS and ELN systems.
  • Complying with the large number of regulations like 21CFR Part-11, CAPA, NABL, GCP, GLP, and NABH.

Our Services

Meeting regulatory requirements are a key component of any Laboratory Management Information System. Nous can provide holistic view and implement solutions that help customers to have solutions that are not just domain competent, but technologically advanced and at the same meeting all regulatory requirements in short space of time and less expense.

  • Laboratory Information Management system
    Design and develop Laboratory Information management system.
  • LIMS Management
    Integrate and streamline different operations like sample entry, sample tracking and bio analytical report generation.
  • Implementation adn Integration with ENB and SDMS
    Implement solutions based on 21CFR Part-11, CAPA, NABL, GCP, GLP, NABH regulatory requirements.
  • Implementation and Maintenance of LIMS Validate the entire closed system with Predefined test cases. 

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