Disease Management Solutions

Care management intends to improve quality of care and reduce unnecessary health care costs through a variety of mechanisms that include assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation. This presents multiple options and services to exactly meet a person’s and families’ health needs with high quality cost effective outcomes.

Care management services involve engaging with patients and their caregivers, providing educational support to families and identify resources to improve overall care. It also involves focusing on patients’ specific needs from a clinical, financial and socio-economic perspective for a variety of medical conditions.

Patients can make informed decisions when they are given options and choice though a reliable health education tools with evidence-based practice guidelines by the care management.

This effects in patients addressing different risk factors and knowing and preventing potential serious consequences.

Business Challenges

  • Inconsistent industry model for what Care Management is and the use cases it can address.
  • Bringing together and matching details from different health care providers is also a biggest challenge for any care management system.
  • Health care claims costs are on the rise due to lifestyle changes.
  • Ability to reach out to members through self-service portals and mobile devices.


Nous has built capabilities in Care/ Disease Management segment through it's engagement in various solutions to different customers. This strengthens the best practices knowledge and having technical expertize with the different specialized areas like mobile technology, portal technology and Data Analytics in addition to domain knowledge helps in offering best solutions to the customers.

  • Care Disease Management services
    Strategizing and building a user oriented care management programs to reduce patient readmission and revisit.
  • care management integration tools
    Experience in care management integration tools such as MedHOK, OPTUM, A.D.A.M and Health wise.
  • Application development for care management
    Experience in providing a rich user oriented portal application development for care management.
  • Care Management Services for Healthcare Instant ability to extend access to plans, benefits, prescriptions, provider information etc. as well as send reminders / alerts for medications and refills to members through mobile devices.

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