Healthcare Cost Management Solutions

Cost management is a planned approach that combines the skills of physician logic and automated claims surveillance with strategic financial intervention to improve outcomes of both quality care and rational costs. A critical evaluation of health care costs is an important component. Cost Management includes -

  • Claims Code Editing
  • Re-pricing
  • Negotiations
  • PPO discounts

Business Challenges

  • Analyse and identify areas to minimize the Health Care spending and improve Health Outcomes and Quality of Care.
  • Determining and collaborating with leading health care institutions on cost-benefits to related partners and preserving a high degree of communication and transparency with all business partners.
  • Identifying and automating all feasible processes to high degree to improvise the processes and save costs.

Cost Containment Framework

Healthcare Cost Management

Our Services

Nous understands the complexities of the modern healthcare systems and need for the Cost Management. Competency is not only expected in the cost-saving or high-end care, but the rationality and approriateness of the overall solutions to provide benefits to all stake-holders. Nous believes it can provide solutions that meet these competencies and at the same time meeting all the applicable regulatory necessities.

  • Healthcare cost management solutions
    Building applications that significantly reduce data quality errors, turnaround times and costs.
  • Quality of care and healthcare management services
    Knowledge in HIPAA compliant formats, ICD-10, X12 EDI implementation and data security.
  • healthcare cost accounting services
    Expertise in building auto-adjudication system and business rule engine for cost management.
  • Cost Management Automation Experience in End to end automation which significantly reduces data quality errors and ensures very short turnaround time that intern reduces the cost.

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