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Healthcare organizations are being challenged to provide quality services and comply with regulatory requirements without losing eye on keeping costs in check. Systems at different organizations interacting with each other electronically, have crucial role in terms of integration between them and traditionally been using expensive Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions and proprietary VANs in many activities such as information exchanging of claims, eligibility, and payment advice information and such. Full scale EDI integration by a single entity can be done only by large investment.

Through studies it is found that electronic transactions costs for process very little compared to manual transactions. The platforms, B2B solutions, standards and technologies have reduced the transaction costs for the partner coming on board.

With the developments in the technologies and new compliance standards, the modernisation of the EDI transactions has become a necessity.

With advent of diverse range of standard and proprietary electronic documents, the new system demands larger framework involving different applications, data and integration possibly with cloud-based solutions. The near real-time interactions are another need new systems brings to the complexity.

Business Challenges

  • Identifying and optimizing the number of interfaces used for conversion of EDI messages.
  • Finalizing modernization Strategy to improve usability and simplifying on boarding new partners.
  • Migration of existing data to new systems and retiring old systems.
  • Revamping software and hardware infrastructure to increase the efficiency and speed of processing.

EDI Modernization Framework

edi consulting services

Our Services

Nous, with it's engagement of multiple years in providing different EDI solutions, understands the space well and to the expectation of the modern day customer. Nous, with the experience gained through different engagment adopts the best practices and helps in coming with the best possible solution to the customer's expectations. The parterships and the exposure to different tools allows us to suggest best possible solution.

  • edi transaction solutions
    Good understanding and implementation expertise of industry compliance required for identified transaction standardization.
  • cloud based EDI services
    Ability to understand and exploit the differences between the legacy and modern EDI solutions, thus help in project efficiency.
  • managed EDI services
    Ability to implement Workflow based a message-tracking frameworks with data transmission integrity.
  • EDI Modernization services Deeper understanding and expertise in developing EDI centric strategies and proposing opportunities/development efforts to drive further efficiencies, define best practices and streamlined processes.

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