ICD-10 Compliance Solutions

The HHS mandated ICD-10 Transformation in US Healthcare impacts many systems, right from patient scheduling to Payment. This is not mere transition from current about 14,000 codes to about 69,000 codes, but more in overall technological and integration changes. With different neutrality dimensions coming into picture, the complexity of meeting the compliance has to be well planned and implemented.

With the CMS prompting on Oct. 1, 2015 as new Implementation Date, Payers must develop and maintain systems for current comparison of claims coded in ICD-9, ICD-10, and ICD-9 paired to ICD-10 formats to evaluate benefits for feed-forward, concurrent and feedback of transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10

Business Challenges

  • Raising costs and implementation to the latest code sets.
  • Non-compliance leading to disruption and isolation of the Healthcare system from the rest of the interacting systems.
  • Maintaining fine balance between the regulatory compliance, emerging new trends & technologies and costs & overheads involved.
  • Validating of the IT systems and IT Infrastructure towards the scrutiny of regulatory inspection.

Our Services

With the compliance enforcement to move solutions supporting ICD-10, benefits are mutual to all the stake-holders. Nous believes meeting compliance expectation should not be mere inclusion but for the purpose and advantage. Nous has the expertize to implement solutions that satisfies modern-day needs.

  • icd-10 compliance services for payers
    Comprehensive framework which provides complete roadmap of the transformation workflow with phased enablement, Assessment, design/implementation and deployment stages.
  • icd-10 migration services
    Value-added ICD-10 business optimization through in-house capability and having partnerships with the experts in the domain.
  • ICD 10 Testing Services
    Independent validation and verification team having expertise in end-to-end testing needs and procedures.
  • ICD10 transformation services
    Based on the outcome of the assessment or desired need, compliance implementation by upgrading, replacing or renovating the existing system and Specific Cross-walks solutions and gaps implementation services.
  • ICD 10 Transition Services
    Nous has the capability to assist customers for a smooth transition from their existing ICD version to ICD-10 and achieve compliance cost effectively with business optimization.
  • icd-10 compliance services for insurance companies Implementations with considerations towards various acts like ACA and Healthcare Reform act and finding opportunity in the impacted areas, through identification, selection, monitoring and reporting of candidates towards the Medical management, care management and Utilization management related activities.

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