As the businesses gets smarter, competitive, preparing for future not just an advantage but a survival necessity. Analysis of the past data in predicting the future or get an insight requires careful study and application variety of statistical and mathematical techniques from data mining, modelling, game theory and machine learning and other analytical techniques over the past and current data.

With the advancement in the hardware capabilities and development of interesting algorithms, processing of already available historical data to make meaningful insight leads business to identify various risks and opportunities. Use of different model, after thoroughly evaluating adaptability, forms the relationships among different criteria and conditional factors in guiding the decision making.

Predictive analytics are used in every business domain including health care and health insurance.In healthcare and health insurance fields there are several areas where predictive analytics that come in handy to maximize the business or optimizing the resources.

The list of possible analytics includes but not limited to the following:

  • Predictive risk analysis.
  • Patient disease progression analysis and prediction.
  • Chronic disease models and risk patterns.
  • Utilization analytics.
  • Eligibility vs Claim analytics and optimizations etc.

Business Challenges

  • Combining and consolidating data spread over disparate data sources.
  • Defining robust central reference data and master data management (MDM) and data governance.
  • Determining right predictive algorithms to use and selecting appropriate tool to define and apply on the data.

Our Services

With the prominance of the Data Analytics and Analytics in whole in modern day Healthcare solutions, allows the user to the make systems more competent and reliable. Nous with its CoE (Centre of Excellece) has provided solutions that exceeds the customer expectations. Nous believes predictive analytics provides the solution that are optimized and appropriate.

  • predictive analytics consulting services
    More than a decade experience in Healthcare Business Intelligence space.
  • Predictive Health Intelligence Services
    Expertise in tools like SAS and R.
  • Big Data analytics in Healthcare
    Expertize in BigData analytics.
  • Predictive analytics in Healthcare
    Partnership with Necto, QlikView, C-B4 and Hortonworks.
  • Predictive Analytics Consulting services
    Consulting services in selection of study groups, defining BI and Analytics roadmap, selection of technology and predictive analytics tools.
  • BI predictive analytics
    Expertize in Data warehouse, Business Intelligence tools including SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS, Oracle, OBIE, Teradata, Business Objects,MicroStrategy, DataStage, Cognos, Necto, QlikView, Tableau, Yellowfin and C-B4.
  • Predictive analytics in Healthcare
    Expertize in multiple tools would help in unbiased tool assessment and quicker turnaround time in defining analytics road map.
  • Healthcare Predictive Modelling Our Predictive health risk analysis framework helps payers instantly determine hospital stay likelihood probability of patients and advice providers on preventive care actions with end result of reduction in claims.

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