Accountable Care Organization Solutions

An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) — introduced by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) — encourages and incentivizes patient-centric and coordinated care, aiming to improve patient outcomes and reduce overall cost of care.

The U.S. healthcare industry is challenged by spiralling costs and disparities in the quality of care delivered. The current disjointed system of healthcare delivery that has resulted in redundancies and gaps in care delivery.

Business Challenges

  • Assessing and Analysing and implementing of appropriate revenue model for efficiency for effectiveness. (Fee-for-service and risk-based payment models and Pay for Performance).
  • Complex technical and analytical challenges to both payers and providers.
  • Transparency in benefits and claim adjudication for providing high-quality service.
  • Transparency in quality & incentive programs for understanding by the members and providers.>
  • Use of integrated and aggregated data from disparate systems.

Our Services

Consumerism in Healthcare is more evident than before, with each service or expectation set more like a consumer, different models in the way payments are made, results are evaluated, comparisions are managed, engagement with patient, etc. Nous understands this very well and provides rich solutions to meet ACO expectations and use of data to maximum in strategising the longer and fruitful engagement of patients.

  • Accountable Care Organization Solutions
    In-depth knowledge in Population, Preventive and Care Management approaches.
  • ACO solutions for providers
    Making value-based care a priority and act on information from analytics models.
  • ACO services for payers
    Creating a roadmap that includes achievable steps, rather than major endeavours.
  • Predictive modelling, patient stratification, care plan development
    Sophisticated analytics for measurable outcomes and incentives provided. Expertize in predictive modelling, patient stratification, care plan development and risk reduction approaches.
  • Implementation support and Concurrent Assessment
    Provide assistance in Strategic Assessment, Concurrent Assessment and implementation support.
  • Independent Testing services in Healthcare
    Independent validation and verification team having expertise in end-to-end testing requirements and procedures.>
  • ACO analysis Data
    Analysis of the data beyond the individual patients and episodes of care, to the health status of populations and the life of payer contracts.
  • AcO Solutions Value-addition through the knowledge of ICD-10 implementation and business optimization.

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