Health Information Exchange Services

Central to the Health Information Exchange are patient-centered care and continuity of care. This forms a win-win for all the stakeholders in the long run, as quality of information shared and timeliness and the cost-effectiveness helps all involved a trusted and effective system and also that's beneficial to existing processes.

Current successful implementation of HIEs though gives mixed feedbacks, a consensus is forming about the overall effectiveness of the HIEs. ARRA has been a playing a big role in accelerating the creation of new HIEs. Integrating and latest information available at the point-of-care is certain to improve the patient and clinician experience and in evidence-based care. Medical errors is another area that could see considerable improvement.

As per the Security Architecture Design Process set by the NIST, the context of reporting can be Ad Hoc, Regional, Multi-Regional, and Nationwide.

With the EHRs becoming integral part of most practices, through the EHR incentive program or Meaningful use, the exchange of information context can be considered for all except Ad Hoc. With the design decisions made, the architecture can be built as a federated or centralized or hybrid models.

Business Challenges

  • Many disparate systems in the care continuum requiring integration for exchange of information. Each need to be brought under a standard.
  • Financial stability and sustainability, thus forcing cost-effective implementation.
  • Understanding and Defining on the clinical data that will be exchanged.
  • Developing of privacy and security policy requirements and defining of PHI data that will/will not be shared.

Our Services

Nous very well understands the penetration of the technology in all forms solutions in whole care continuum and the data forms the key for it. with various reputed standards industry has embraced, Nous has built capabilities in implementing on each such standards for different needs of the customer. Modern day solution requiring integration of various information systems without compromizing on security and regulatory compliance and Nous has experience and capabilities to meet the same.

  • Health Information Exchange Services
    Implementing experience in Healthcare from past 16 years, has resulted in expertize of implementing the interoperability standards like HL7, X12, DICOM, CCD, CDA, EMPI, IHE XDS.
  • HL7 Implementation services
    Has implementation experience in Provider Portal, Patient Portal, EMR Integration, Messaging, Authorization and Authentication, Consent Management, Audit Trails and reporting and other involved elements of HIE.
  • Patient centric care management systems
    Experience in implementations to meet the different certifications.
  • Hospital Information Exchange Services
    Have implementation experience in different communication methods like TCP/IP over VPN, Secured Web Services, Secured FTP, and Secure E-mail.
  • HIE Consulting Services Experience in leading Enterprise Application Integration tools in healthcare, including BizTalk, Cloverleaf, and Mirth.

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