ICD-10 Transformation

ICD-10 Transformation has been mandated for the US healthcare providers for better tracking of the diseases and accurate diagnosis which will enable patients to get quality healthcare. ICD-10 provides elaborate set of codes with more granularity in identifying diseases. With this, providers needing to migrate their existing systems presents with certain challenges.

Nous has the capability to assist customers with our comprehensive framework for a smooth transition from existing ICD–9 to ICD–10.

Business Challenges

  • Race against time for meet timelines.
  • Accurate identification of gaps and smooth transformation with effective validation.
  • Isolation of the Healthcare system due to non-compliance.

Our Services

Nous with it's experience in providing provider solutions knows how important ICD-10 transformation is and understands maximum impact is for a provider solution, more than any other systems. With time-bound implementation set by regulators, Nous best fits in providing solution as a whole or clearing the gaps in current systems.

  • ICD10 Transformation services
    Comprehensive framework with provides complete roadmap of the transformation workflow.
  • ICD10 Migration services for Hospitals
    Effective Assessment & planning.
  • ICD10 Transaction services for Hospitals
    Pool of resources with expert knowledge to guide through the workflow.
  • ICD10 implementation services
    Crosswalks solutions and gaps implementation services.
  • ICD10 Transformation services
    Comprehensive ICD-10 transformation framework for smooth transition.
  • icd10 remediation solutions
    Effective reporting of key findings for analysis and provides road map for transformation.
  • icd10 implementation solutions
    Avoid manual intervention and automate the complete workflow.
  • ICD10 compliance testing solutions Thorough validation of the transformation in order to ensure compliance.

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