Mobile Health (or popularly called mHealth) is the most talked about topic in the Healthcare industry today.  According to the latest Gartner report, mHealth is one of the Top 10 Health IT trends for 2014.  63% of consumers are more likely to choose healthcare providers and payers that offer flexibility to interact via online, mobile & kiosk self-service options.

The key to sustain in the race is to provide Multi Channel mHealth solutions. Popularity gained and advancement in the Mobility has made all new age systems to be adopted to these technology. Healthcare is no immune to it and in fact serves equally good or better to any other industry. The leverage Healthcare sector can take is in multi-fold. mHealth as a sector under healthcare, has far-reaching effect on the overall Healthcare delivery, analysis, research, cost-effectiveness and much more.

This popularity and wide-spread interest by different vendors has led regulator enforce compliances such that all of advantages and limitations of mobility is well-managed. Cloud services and growth in analytics have thrown their own challenges to mHealth. Variety of device and their standards have made implementation much more complex. The mobile health applications can support in every stage of the care life cycle.

With wearables gaining popularity, the main and serious uses are seen with the Health and related issues. mHealth forms the core of this and they represent a disruptive opportunity for Healthcare.

Business Challenges

  • Improving patient engagement, to improve patient safety and to deliver Patient education
  • Reducing latencies
  • To reach to the remotest locations and accelerate response time
  • Community Care
  • Unhealthy Lifestyles
  • Ageing population
  • Staff Shortages and Chronic labour shortages
  • Best practices and decision support processes
  • Security Concerns
  • Interoperability/Integration with existing infrastructure
  • Interoperability/Integration among mobile solutions
  • Budget Cuts

Our Services

Nous has invested well to understand and implement modern day mHealth solutions. Nous has Mobility CoE (Centre of Excellence), which understands the advancements in the mobile technolgies, standards and specific needs of the heavily regulated industry needs like healthcare. Patient engagment is a key differentiator for modern day health solutions, Nous understands how to leverage this through mHealth solutions.

  • Mobile Healthcare Services
    Thorough understanding of the FDA regulations on the Mobile Medical Apps. Smart frameworks - Innovative tools and solution accelerators for productivity and quality.
  • Mhealth Solutions
    Partnership synergies - Nous is the preferred Global implementation partner for Kony, Customers can leverage both Nous and Kony technical competencies to have a one stop solution for all Mobility challenges.
  • Mobile healthcare Applications
    Enable quicker implementation using our extensive global delivery experience.
  • Mobile Healthcare services
    Development of EMR Application for iPad.
  • Mobile Application Development in Healthcare
    Experience in developing the Mobile Magazine / Journal application for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants using technologies iOS SDK 5, Objective-C, Cocoa Framework, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, xCode 4.3.2
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions
    Development of Healthcare Practice Management App using technologies PhoneGap 1.1.0, xCode 3.2.6, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Pharmacy Application technologies PhoneGap, HTML5, CSS3, XML, PHP5, MySQL
  • Home Healthcare Application for PDA
    Development of Home Healthcare application for PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)
  • Mobile Medical Apps
    Develop and support applications for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, iPad as true native applications or as HTML5 mobile web apps.

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