Visualize Relationships, Patterns, and Insights with Power BI

With business intelligence at the core of today’s data-intensive organizations, Power BI has become one of the most viable investment options for businesses looking to convert their data into opportunities.

Nous Infosystems helps businesses build a robust long-term Power BI implementation roadmap based on their business needs. With Nous, you will be able to determine business KPIs, creating custom visualizations, and build interactive visual dashboards at pace.

A Snapshot of Dashboards We’ve Built

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Accelerate Your Power BI Adoption with Nous

Power BI 2-Week POC

Create a pilot Power BI Solution in just two weeks and turn your data assets into valuable business opportunities

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Cognos Reports to Power BI Migration

Accelerate migration of IBM Cognos reports to Power BI paginated reports at reduced risk and cost

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Advisory Services


  • Readiness assessment
  • Assessment of current environments
  • Strategy & roadmap
  • Visualization tools evaluation
  • Solution modelling
  • Data governance consulting


  • Best-fit visualization solution design
  • UX standards design based on corporate design standards & usability design standards
  • Define & design key KPIs, drilldown paths, aggregated & detailed views
  • Ready-to-use Power BI dashboards for Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, & Finance domains


  • Support - Report change requests, additional dataset creation, performance tuning, etc.
  • Migration to different Power BI SKU based on needs
  • Security & governance monitoring and maintenance
  • End user training for business and power users

Dashboard UX Design Principles



  • Create a single comprehensive view of an entire business or process


  • Build in flexibility to allow the dashboard to become relevant for different users

Lead to Action

  • Empower the users to finish their task quickly and/or understand the action that should be taken based on the results

Support Casual Use

  • Minimize the barrier to entry for new users by avoiding feature overload, minimizing clicks for each task, and providing clear, concise description of what things mean

Guide Attention

  • Use visual cues and functionality to draw the user to the things that matter most
  • Mechanisms that can help are alerts, positioning on the page, and careful use of color and fonts

Gradual Reveal

  • Reveal information as the user expresses interest
  • Levels of increasing detail from key metrics, to context around the metric, to full breakout detail for the metric

Why Nous?

24+ years of experience in BI, ETL, and Analytics
Microsoft Managed Partner with Gold Certified competencies in Data Analytics & Data Platform
Multiple ongoing Power BI projects
CMMI Level 5 certified organization
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