Improve Profitability and achieve regulatory compliance

Over the last few years, Banks have been struggling to regain profitability, thanks to the subprime crisis which has forced banks to write off toxic loans on their balance sheets. Banks have also been impacted by consolidation in the industry with M&As leading to increased data complexity. Shifting demographics and untapped customer segments mean that banks have to recalibrate their marketing strategy to reach out to new customer segments. Moreover, the tight regulatory environment has forced banks to comply with these norms but has in turn increased overheads. Banks today also have to deal with siloed applications and business units that don’t talk to each other.

Banks can leverage QlikView’s in-memory analysis to rapidly bring together data from disparate sources to gain strategic insights into customers, transactions and products and slice and dice data based on a variety of parameters. Business users can utilize powerful self-service features of Qlik to get answers to certain key business questions and take more informed business decisions.

SharePoint platform for banking and financial services

Improve Customer Intelligence with Nous Banking Business Intelligence Solution

Nous by virtue of its deep banking domain knowledge and significant Qlik expertise has developed a Qlik based Banking Business Intelligence dashboard solution with pre-built KPIs that can enable banking enterprises to take rapid and accurate business decisions and quickly adjust to changing market and business conditions. This solution provides the following benefits:

  • qlikview banking services
    Improve Customer Intelligence for sales and marketing and improve the development and deployment of multi-channel cross-sell and retention propositions
  • qlikview banking
    Increase visibility into regional and branch level activities/transactions/payments
  • qlikview for banking
    Satisfy the Regulatory Requirements including all three pillars of Basel II, calculate and aggregate market, credit and operational risk measures, and minimize efforts and investments in Risk Management
  • qlikview banking
    Measure and manage Operational Risk in a scientific way
  • qlikview banking services
    Bridge gap between IT and business users with one unified solution that satisfies the needs of both through a single web-based UI

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