Healthcare Providers today have to increasingly deal with challenges such as capital and cash flow constraints, increase in waiting time for patients, man power shortage and risk of medical inaccuracies. The heart of the problem lies in the fact that there is a humongous amount of data lying in disparate databases across the healthcare provider ecosystem and the data could be structured or unstructured depending on the source of data. Analyzing this data could provide a wealth of insights to providers but the sheer size of data and its complexity acts as a barrier for providers. Aggregating and indexing such data constitutes a huge challenge for healthcare enterprises due to the shortage of skilled professionals and mounting financial constraints.

Healthcare enterprises need to embrace BI visualization tools such as QlikView that come with in-memory analysis which can integrate data from different sources and improve quality and safety while reducing the cost of healthcare delivery.

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Improve Capacity Management with Healthcare Provider Dashboard Solution

Nous has enabled several healthcare providers across the globe to improve their analytical & reporting dashboards to build intuitive and actionable insights to enhance patient experience, operational efficiency and financial performance through its Healthcare Provider Dashboard solution built on Qlik. The key benefits of the solution include:

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    Improve Capacity management by providing essential insight into occupancy and usage analysis
  • qlikview banking
    Improve optimizing costs by providing trends such as most prevalent diseases in population, cost analysis based on disease, patient distribution by disease average costs per patient etc. to name some of the host of analytics Qlik provides
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    Improve visibility in to Physician productivity by providing revenue and patient visit trends across all departments / physicians. Interesting trends in average revenue Vs patient visits, revenue by physician provide much needed insights enabling defining focus areas that contributes to revenue growth with enhanced care delivery.
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    Improve Clinical effectiveness and accountable care with appropriate measurement of quality and focus on minimizing variability.

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