Improve Customer Loyalty and Inventory Management

The retail industry today is rapidly evolving and is in a state of constant change. Retail enterprises have to retain their most profitable customers, achieve better control over inventory and avoid stockout situations and analyze POS data to determine best performing products/geos/offers/stores. At the same time, they have to determine the optimal pricing for products, identify the most optimal shipping options, and reduce operational costs and segment customers based on buying patterns.

Hence, there is a need for a ready-to-deploy retail business intelligence dashboard solution that can give retailers a bird’s eye view of key sales, marketing, operational and financial KPIs that can help retailers identify lagging indicators and take corrective actions and decisions to improve them.

SharePoint platform for banking and financial services

Increase Profitability with Nous’ Retail Business Intelligence Dashboard Solution

Nous Infosystems has developed a retail industry dashboard solution on Qlik that can rapidly reduce time-to-insight and accelerate decision-making for retail enterprises. Through this dashboard solution, we help the retail industry with the following:

  • qlikview banking services
    Improve customer loyalty program by providing essential insight into the entire loyalty program process
  • qlikview banking
    Improve inventory management by processing, analyzing in near real-time and reporting on a retail chain’s vast quantities of POS data down the SKU level, then use it to customize assortments, replenishment, prices, and quantities in the field
  • qlikview for banking
    Increase customer profitability by analyzing transaction patterns based on past purchases and interactions, and then use that information to influence future purchases
  • qlikview banking
    Improve Operational performance with Operational intelligence solutions that let retailers take advantage of their organizational assets to sell and deliver merchandise and services by providing real time information across an entire store’s operations.
  • qlikview banking
    Bridge gap between IT and business users with one unified solution that satisfies the needs of both through a single web-based UI

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