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March 10, 2017

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Bhavik Vyas

Senior Technical Lead

If your CRM add-in does happen to get disabled when Outlook is loading, you may have experienced any of the following issues:

  • Outlook keeps crashing when you are trying to load the CRM Add-in
  • The CRM ribbon in Outlook is greyed out
  • The ‘Track’ and ‘Set Regarding’ buttons have disappeared from the Outlook ribbon

CRM Add-in Issue

How to resolve such issues?

Resolve CRM Add-in Issue

Let’s first see what is wrong by enabling “Tracing”

To start a trace from the Outlook client, first close your Outlook. Then open “Diagnostics” from Start –> Programs -> Microsoft Dynamics CRM <<Version>>. In the Advanced Troubleshooting tab, check the top box to enable tracing.

Resolve CRM Add-in Issue

Using tracing helps you to capture detailed log information about a given issue occurring in the CRM Outlook client. To use it, the user needs to recreate the problem with tracing running.

It is a great way to troubleshoot Outlook issues where you get a generic error message, CRM object message, or even a permissions error message.

The Trace files will be on the user’s computer. You need to navigate to your user folder to AppData (which is usually a hidden folder) and then down to the MSCRM trace directory. You will see a series of log files where what you will be interested in is the Text Document files that are most recent.

Resolve CRM Add-in Issue

When looking at a Trace file, the easiest thing to do for Outlook CRM issues is to do a search for “CRM Exception”. This log file helps us to understand the issue which explains in plain English what went wrong.

Outlook CRM issues is to do a search for CRM Exception.

Based on the issue, one should be able to know what is the root cause of the issue, that will help in resolving the problem.

Like: -

  • If the log files detect compatibility issue of CRM Client, please check our article Version compatibility of CRM Outlook Client
  • If the logs suggest “User” rights are being disable for outlook, contact your CRM administrator.
  • Other outlook Add-In like “PDFM” can disable the Dynamics CRM Add-In when it gets loaded.
  • Your company’s group policy may detect the Outlook Add-In downloaded from Microsoft Site as a Malicious Add-In and force it not to get loaded by default.

Seek the solution depending upon the error log, if you are unable to get the right solution for your error! Please contact us, we will be happy to help!!!

If you would like to know more about our MS Dynamics CRM Services, then do leave an enquiry with us here.

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