Dynamics CRM Outlook Integration Issues

March 16, 2017

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Balamurugan Balasundaram

Practice Head - MS Dynamics CRM

Is your Dynamics CRM for Outlook not working?

You might have come across some issues with CRM for Outlook performance or Outlook not working as you expect it to. While Microsoft does a great job of keeping on top of these sort of issues, everyone’s computer configuration is slightly different which introduces some variable risks and potential issues for end users.

Dynamics CRM for Outlook not working?

What is CRM Outlook Client?

The Outlook Client is an integrator which integrates Outlook with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In the Outlook client, we have the complete CRM functionality & features. Many users prefer Outlook client because they don’t have to navigate and log into an additional application to access CRM data. You can add contacts and activities by tracking them in CRM, which saves you a significant amount of time as it eliminates the manual process of re-typing that data into a new record in CRM.

Using the CRM Outlook Client, you can link any Outlook email to any Dynamics record including contacts, cases, opportunities and leads. It allows us to track your emails, tasks, appointments and contacts that you already have in Outlook, in CRM as well.

You can create personalized CRM views in Outlook, Access all CRM end-user functions in the Outlook interface, Open CRM records from any linked Outlook email.

As there are numerous benefits of integrating outlook with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there are issues which you might came across while integrating.

Issues / Problems

1. Version compatibility of CRM Outlook Client
2. CRM Add-in getting disabled
3. Recent updates applied ‘automatically’ by the Windows update service
4. Incorrect architecture of Outlook plug-in
5. Minimum pre-requisite for outlook client
6. Latency and Bandwidth issues
7. VPN overheads (problem communicating with the Microsoft CRM Server)
8. If size of Outlook OST or PST files goes above acceptance level.

Let us know if you any specific issues and we will get back to you as soon as we can…

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