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March 06, 2017

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Uttam B Ramamurthy

Practice Head - DevOps

According to Gartner, High performing organizations that have adopted DevOps are seeing 200 times more frequent deployments, 3 times lower failure rates, 24 times faster recovery from failures, 2555 times shorter lead times and spending 22 percent less time on unplanned work and rework.

DevOps enables organizations to increase the speed, efficiency and quality of software delivery. Its equally important to work with DevOps Consulting Companies who possess considerable experience implementing DevOps for enterprises. So, let’s look at some of the challenges that organizations are facing and how DevOps is enabling high performance organizations to overcome them:

Digital disruption:

It’s happening right now, every organization has its own business models. However, business model lines across organizations are blurring. The toughest competition which an organization may face may not come from the same industry or even a related industry but may come from a totally different industry. So, the key here is to capture the business moments which we don’t have control on as it’s either conceived as a risk or opportunity. This is where a DevOps Consultancy could help organizations be prepared with people, process and tools to capture these business moments and become industry leaders.

Competitive pressure:

For businesses, customer is GOD. Customer expects speed and responsiveness. Time taken to convert an idea to a product or service and bring it to market is the key to capturing new business and customers. DevOps helps in bringing this agility into the organization to quickly convert an idea and bring it to market, continuously listen to customer feedback and make course corrections to keep the customer happy. Hence, in order to compete, organizations need to be DevOps ready.

Speed with quality:

Quality is at the heart of any DevOps implementation and is built into the entire system. DevOps helps organizations increase the quality of products by constantly increasing the level of automation of the delivery process and working with DevOps teams who constantly deliver small features to get quick customer feedback along with continuous monitoring to bring in continuous improvements.

Agile alone fails to deliver value:

Agile brings in the IT agility but we still need DevOps for business agility. Agile helps organizations to get early feedback from customers during the development cycle but DevOps is needed to improve the collaboration, quality and speed of delivery. Agile practiced along with DevOps helps organizations accelerate their speed to market, become lean, deliver high quality products and improve customer experience.

Downtime & Rework costs money:

According to Gartner, Organizations who have embraced DevOps have brought down the downtime by 3 times with 24 times faster recovery times, along with spending 22% less time on unplanned and rework. Organizations can achieve better business outcomes by reinvesting the time, creativity and energy saved by reducing rework and downtime through DevOps.

Things to consider:

  • Organizations must recognize that DevOps is transformative, and invest time and money in the people and process aspects of their efforts accordingly. IT leaders must not overemphasize technology at the expense of the other areas.
  • Organizations must first determine the gap between current and target maturity levels
  • Changes in training, recruitment practices and management approaches are needed to address skills gaps and, more importantly, to address collaboration, motivation and trust issues.
  • It is important to note that the challenges are not purely technology and tool driven, but also a broad shift in culture that must extend beyond the organization

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