Key Challenges Faced by Enterprises while Adopting DevOps

April 24, 2017

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Abhijit Deogharia

Client Solutions Consultant

DevOps has been around for quite a few years now and yet we see organizations facing a dilemma in adopting it. DevOps is not something which can be achieved over night. It is a combination of People, Process and Tools.

DevOps is best defined as a cultural shift – a collaboration between development and the operational team working towards a common goal i.e. eliminate constraints and increase speed to market.

Marketing, Sales, Operations and IT have been working in silos towards a common goal – delivering quality products, creating value and improving customer satisfaction. However, this has led to teams not interacting with each other.

Speaking with many management level people in various organizations, allowed me to comprehend the challenges in adopting DevOps.

A few challenges are listed below that prove to be a roadblock for adopting DevOps Services:

  • Cultural Shift:
  • Human Resources are the greatest asset for any organization. DevOps Consulting Firms work with innovative techniques to bring continuous change with DevOps and therefore, people should be ready to embrace change. The operations team should be willing to work with the development team which is not seen in many organizations today.

    For a good structure, we need a good foundation. Culture is the foundation which can lead to best practices and help organizations in adopting DevOps with a much more open mind.

    DevOps is more to do with culture than tools and processes. Even with the best tools, DevOps will be just another pipedream if the organization does not have the right culture.

  • The Right Tools:
  • Which tools are best suited for my organization? People get it wrong and end up spending on tools which they don't require. They have to find the right set of tools with the help of DevOps Consulting Firms who can facilitate an acceleration in the process. There are many tools available both open source and proprietary.

    Tools are not the answer to all your problems. You have to define your key processes and find the best tools which can help you reach your goals. DevOps Services help enterprises in striking a balance between the right set of tools and the business.

  • Legacy or Cloud:
  • The key infrastructure or applications have been built around legacy systems which are very hard to replace or involves a lot of cost to company. For the same reason, companies are hesitant to change the system which is working fine for them.

    A good chunk of the traditional environments are considered as too complex for cloud hosting. The future belongs to the Cloud apps and businesses have to find the right mix of cloud, hybrid and legacy environments to create the best system while adopting DevOps with; DevOps Consulting Firms

  • Learning new skills:
  • Where to find the right set of skills for my organization?

    According to Gartner, in 2016 DevOps evolved from a niche to a mainstream strategy employed by 25% of the global 2000 organizations.

    Don't look far away. The right skill set is available in your own organization.  DevOps Services requires people to add new skills often out of their comfort zone. The harsh truth is people need to upgrade their skills and move away from the traditional methods. DevOps engineers have the most challenging role in the organization and it's not just about coding, automation tools or VM provisioning processes. Everyone has to have a better understanding of the business and customer.

    The skill set list is long and companies need to identify and invest in training the people who are willing to go that extra mile.

  • And then there is ROI:
  • What is my ROI? A common question I come across whenever I speak to the management team of an enterprise. Nous Infosystems, one of the leading DevOps Consulting firms, understands the value it brings to the table.  Also, there are a number of parameters that can be used to demonstrate ROI.  To name a few:

    • Make money with speed to market
    • Save money with quality products
    • Save money with less rework
    • Save money with less downtime
    • Save money with Long term stability

2017 is going to be a year where a majority of organizations will start implementing DevOps with the help of DevOps Consulting Firms. No one wants to be left behind in this race. As the saying goes Adapt or perish.

If you would like to know more about our; DevOps Consulting Services, then do get in touch with us.

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