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August 28, 2017

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Rajesh Kumar K

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Magento is a popular eCommerce platform. It is built on Open Source technology and helps online merchants in setting up a comprehensive online store. This includes the look and feel, functionality and a flexible shopping cart system. Magento is known for its powerful features in marketing, search engine optimization and catalog-management tools.

Magento platform has all the features that merchants require to go online with their business. It is important for enterprises to work with a vendor who not only provides Magento eCommerce Development Services but has successfully implemented Magento ecommerce solutions for various clients

Here are the major Magento trends that could have a huge impact on eCommerce sales:

Improved Shopping Experience:

eCommerce brands have adopted many techniques over the years to capture and maintain market share. An improved and personalized shopping experience is the primary element in retaining and driving online customers. Any leading Magento Web Development Company will therefore be expected to provide a personalized shopping experience to customers in real-time.

Mobile Commerce:

Mobile purchases are increasing with the rising shift towards online shopping. This has made it essential for online merchants to develop a mobile-first design for their online store. In order to touch a large section of the customer base, online merchants will either have to create a mobile-friendly site or an application. Magento offers an engaging and mobile-friendly design that helps the online stores in targeting mCommerce customers and boost online sales.

Social Media Platforms:

Leveraging Social Media Platforms for online sales is a promising trend to follow-through. Many online stores are integrating their sales processes with various Social Media channels. Social Media Platforms act as a direct means of communication with potential customers. Unique features of specific Social Channels can also be further used for generating better revenues for online stores.

With the services of a comprehensive Magento Web Development Company, merchants can go online effortlessly. Magento is known for its custom options and features to set up an eCommerce store and customize that store to its full capability. Here are few of the benefits of adopting Magento eCommerce platform for online shopping.

Custom Web Design:

Magento offers a variety of CSS customization options that are ready-to-use for eCommerce web design. Requirements and goals from the online store are different for different businesses. Variety of options help in setting up a store to meet the unique requirements.

Hosting Options:

With Magento, online merchants are free to select any hosting company of their choice. Furthermore, they are not obligated to stay with a particular hosting provider. This helps the online businesses to be selective when it comes to hosting companies.


This is one of the most popular features that Magento offer. Magento facilitates the merchants to host multiple websites on a single back-end admin. This feature makes it a credible eCommerce CMS platform.

SEO friendliness:

Magento is 100% search engine friendly and is known for its advanced SEO solutions. It includes the latest SEO ranking factors, and analytics to help keep track of website visitors and provides Meta-information for products, categories and content pages. Magento also offers a great URL structure and meta-implementation that are needed for SEO.


The popularity of Magento platform is driven by robust security as well as product management options that have custom reporting features. This facilitates the online merchants to view periodic transaction history, change product descriptions, add images, export reports, and add or remove items.

Magento has a wide range of tools and features to help accelerate growth. These tools and features meet comprehensive requirements in Marketing, Promotions and Conversion, Search Engine Optimization, Site Management, Catalog Management, Product Browsing, Checkout, Payment, Shipping and Order Management

Marketing, Promotions and Conversion tools help in generating a set of unique coupon codes for each promotion and export the list of codes for offline distribution, email, newsletters and more. Ecommerce enterprises can easily manage and monitor coupon usage and generate detailed reports. With catalog management tools, online merchants can create different price points for different customer groups, such as wholesalers and retailers.

Site Management tools help in CAPTCHA functionality to help prevent automated software from attempting fraudulent activities. This auto-generated test ensures that the login is being attempted by a person and can be enabled in both the admin and customer login areas.

Magento is an Open Source Platform but offers a wide variety of features and tools. Since Magento has the capacity to meet large requirements, it is very popularly used in creating large-scale shopping platforms. Magento has come a long way since its launch and has always offered robust solutions for online eCommerce stores. Expert solutions by a Magento Web Development Company facilitates online merchants in overcoming the challenges they might face while developing their online store.

Developing an online shopping platform has become bigger and customizable owing to the wide range of features and tools available on Magento. It is a dynamic eCommerce Content Management System that incorporates the latest design trends, SEO ranking factors, online store needs, and security features available for the users.

Nous Infosystems offers end-to-end Magento ecommerce Development Services and has successfully implemented ecommerce stores for international clients. If you would like to know more about our Magento ecommerce services, then do get in touch with us.

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