Latest Trends in Intranet Portals and Collaboration

September 19, 2017

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Devarajan Soosai Manickam

Associate Technical Architect

Intranet technology has grown significantly over the years with constant improvements and innovations. These developments have made it easier for employees to increase efficiency. Engagement features within enterprise portals pertaining to workflows have made it a key element in the success of a digital workplace. Enterprise portal solutions are gaining popularity with their time-saving elements and an increased capacity for collaborative efforts.

2017 has seen many advances in Intranet Portal Development and collaboration that has helped businesses in gaining new heights in productivity. Here are the latest trends in Portals and Collaboration,

  • The Digital Workplace : This was one of the major trends in 2016. Its popularity and adoption has been proliferating across industries. Enterprise portals now form the nucleus of a digital workplace. Enterprise Portal Solutions provide a variety of beneficial tools to the employees and therefore engages the workforce in improving efficiency. It facilitates teamwork, engagement and productivity while being strategically beneficial for enterprises that rely on remote team members.
  • Going Mobile :This continues to be a popular trend with the evolving scope of opportunities in Mobile Integration. Enterprise portals are being used extensively in workplaces. However, it is the remote team members who will benefit the most from the improvements in Mobile Integration for Portals and Collaboration. Intranet Portals need to be user-friendly across devices, situation or location. Being user-friendly means having optimized mobile-friendly intranet interfaces and features.
  • Social Features :Social Features are a strong section in portals when it comes to employee engagement. Popular social- specific tools in intranet include blogging, sharing, chat, team workspaces and video conferencing. These tools encourage team communication. An increase in intranet social engagement is key to creating a highly engaged workforce and arresting attrition.
  • Personalization :Personalization has proved to be very constructive in improving content strategies and website user experience. It is also a key element of success for intranets. Personalization on the intranet means more customization of features for individual employees or teams. Intranets providing a customized experience are preferred and are therefore popular among employees. Customized features for Enterprise Portal Solutions includes relevant internal content based on an employee’s interests and skills. Personalization in the intranet brings value to the users of the intranet and even facilitates increased productivity in the entire organization.
  • Integration With Other Systems :Enterprises need intranet with its value added tools or systems that can facilitate employees to complete processes within stipulated time and as per company standards. With a view to leverage this, Portals will get more accessible and easy to set up. Integration with other systems will help more enterprises in achieving an improved framework.
  • Staying Engaged : Over the years, Intranet Portal Development has played a vital role in helping enterprises to stay connected and engaged. Intranet’s recent improvements in inter-departmental and team engagement opportunities include workspaces, calendars, Events and management and collaboration tools. These tools and their popularity have made engagement a vital yard stick in measuring intranet success.
  • Internal and External Communication : Adoption of intranet is gaining immense popularity in enterprises across industries. This has facilitated communication in businesses, internally as well as externally. Therefore, internal user and customer experience holds the same importance as the external user and customer experience. A comprehensive intranet makes the employees as well as customers’ voices heard and acknowledged. This in turn helps in making the Portals even more efficient and effective for business.
  • Measuring Intranet Performance and Success : Enterprise Portal Solutions have improved workflows and processes with the help of data-driven Analysis of key metrics. This can comprehensively enhance productivity and performance. Measuring intranet performance and success includes analysis of engagement statistics as well as feedback from users and customers. Progressive changes with the resulting data can help enterprises in maximizing intranet performance.
  • Look And Feel Of An Intranet : Functionality, practicality and usability are the primary aspects of engaging workforce on an intranet. In recent times, user experience has become an extremely important parameter in order to drive intranet adoption. Popularity of the intranet is directly proportional to the look and feel of a portal. An intranet platform that provides a highly intuitive, user-friendly experience to end users will make all the difference between engagement and dis-engagement of employees.
  • Portals have been vital in bringing about major improvements in company efficiency in recent times. Improvements in technologies underlying the intranet are elevating the intranet experience and are re-defining the scope of intranets. Enterprise portals now include productivity enhancements and social benefits for employees. This can potentially help enterprises to grow their topline and bottomline with higher employee satisfaction and retention. This will ultimately usher in a new age of enterprise collaboration where the intranet could play a more strategic role in creating high performance organizations.

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