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March 10, 2016

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Rajesh Kumar K

Head Presales and Technical Solutions

In November 2015, Magento introduced the latest version of their open source digital commerce platform - Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 and Magento Community Edition 2.0. With excellent UI and UX features, these new products enable B2B as well as B2C companies to provide a pleasant shopping experience to their online customers while being cost effective.

Along with an enhanced open source digital commerce platform, Magento 2.0 also provides flexibility and gives a platform to global merchants, partners and developers to be innovative in giving their customers a good shopping experience.

New features in this product, as listed below, include an enhancement in performance and scalability, business agility and productivity improvements and elements that can help improve conversion rates.

Here’s what Magento 2.0 upgrade has in store:

An Architecture that is open and flexible:

Magento 2.0 features a modular base which makes customization simple and offers a faster time-to-market. This makes deployment to public or private cloud environments more flexible. This version of Magento has APIs with which you can connect and operate at scale with any third party solution. The theme features of this product helps in building site variations for new product lines or geographies. The variety of turnkey extensions make fast and affordable enhancements possible.

Creating a pleasant shopping experience:

Online shopping experience needs to be engaging and simplified. Magento 2.0 migration provides a platform that is apt and ideal for this. Its responsive design and themes give you the opportunity to develop sites faster. Products can be shared in a rather engaging way with a video. In this version, the ‘check-out’ can be modified in simple steps. Minimized number of required information slots helps in improving conversions. This platform can also help you in creating a one-click account creation and saving the customer profiles for future purchases.

Improved Business Agility and Productivity:

The admin panel in the Magento 2.0 upgrade has a user friendly interface. Simplification of customizing and saving views, makes it easier for the merchants to access their important business information. This enables the merchants to manage their commerce activities easily. The operations on the platform can be optimized continuously.

Scalability and Performance:

Magento 2.0 migration has the capacity to offer over 50% faster page load. It also optimizes code and images for fast loading. This streamlines customer viewing and therefore improves the scope of conversions. The product also offers standalone master databases and for key subsystems along with multiple slave databases.

Secure Payment gateway:

Magento 2.0 is integrated with PayPal, Braintree, and Authorize.net for payment gateways. In addition to this, the Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 also integrates with WorldPay and CyberSource. All of these are known to offer Magento ecommerce solutions with improved security.

Easier Maintenance and Upgrades:

Magento 2.0 simplifies the developing process and reduces the costs incurred in maintaining a site. The features of the versions can be incorporated as and when it is released by Magento Commerce. This happens every quarter and helps improve sales.

Partnering with Magento, Nous Infosystems helps companies create user-friendly web stores that gives customers a hassle-free shopping experience. We have Magento experts who have vast experience in shopping cart setup, development, configuration and deployment. The Magento team at Nous has the capacity to deliver eCommerce portals with multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multi payment gateway & country specific tax structure.

Furthermore, the team can help an integration with 3rd party products such as ERP, CRM, payment gateway, POS systems, WMS and more. We also implement Magento ecommerce solutions on cloud which helps in reducing TCO.

If your company is currently using an older version of Magento, say for example Magento 1.7 or 1.9, you could consider upgrading to Magento 2.0 to give your customers a better online shopping experience. We can give you seamless migration and an update to Magento 2.0.

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