Observing System Performance for Workflow Activities

April 02, 2017

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Isha Gupta

MS Dynamics CRM Consultant

Windows Workflow Foundation performance object is used to track the performance of the workflow runtime as it executes workflow instances on the server.

  • Set system alerts to notify you when a specified counter's value is above or below a defined threshold.

We can monitor Reliability and Performance by monitoring Performance monitor tool (Perfmon.exe).

  • Set EnablePerformanceCounters attribute to true in a workflow configuration file to monitor performance of workflows.

    Workflow monitoring in Dynamics CRM
  • Add this step in App.config to enable Performance Counter programmatically
    <CustomWorkflowRuntimeSettings Name="Workflow1"    EnablePerformanceCounters ="true">

Once performance counter has been set to perform some action in the CRM environment that triggers workflow execution, you should be able see the system utilization with respect to workflow process.

Based on the observation, one can validate the performance depending on whether the workload is expected on not!

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