CRM Outlook Client Issue while working with VPN

March 15, 2017

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Isha Gupta

MS Dynamics CRM Consultant

Your CRM for outlook should be working great when you are office while it is directly connected to CRM server, but when you are travelling or working from home, we might have to use a VPN connection in order to access CRM. In such scenarios, one may get an error message saying: -  “There is a problem communicating with the Microsoft CRM Server”

Resolution steps: -

Check the latency / bandwidth when connected via VPN. Most often, Bandwidth issues are caused due to the VPN overhead. This issue can be resolved with the help of the infrastructure team. Refer Latency and Bandwidth issues article to get the details of how to measure the Latency and Bandwidth and ensure if it is within the recommended limits.

Alternatively, Cloud / Enabling IFD to your existing implementation may resolve the problem if VPN Bandwidth issue cannot be resolved by the infrastructure team.

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