CRM Outlook Plug-in Troubleshooting

March 13, 2017

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Isha Gupta

MS Dynamics CRM Consultant

When installing the Outlook plug-in for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you may be running into authentication issues when using the Dynamics CRM Outlook plug-in configuration wizard. Make sure you have the correct Dynamics CRM Outlook plug-in architecture as there is one for 32 bit and another for 64 bit installations. (Outlook plugin architecture depends on the MS Office architecture and not on the Operating system’s architecture. (For eg. you could be having 64-bit OS with 32 bit MS Office)

Verify this by starting “Outlook” and navigating to File → Office Account → About Outlook.

You should be able to see the architecture of Outlook. Below is a snapshot of Outlook in a 64 bit OS.

MS CRM Dynamics for Outlook in a 64 bit OS

Based on the CRM version, you may need to download Outlook client from the reference URLs given below:

CRM 2016

CRM 2015

CRM 2013

MS CRM Dynamics for Outlook

CRM 2015 client enu amd

MS CRM Dynamics Download

Note: Most systems will use the version ending in i386 (32 bit) or the version ending in adm64 (64 bit). If you’re unsure, before installing, you can check and see what version you will need.

Alternatively, it could be for as simple a reason as your CRM Website is not considered as Trusted / Intranet site. This can be fixed by adding your CRM Website under the Trusted / Intranet site list in the Internet Options.

Using this resolution, you may also resolve the issues like Dynamics CRM forms not getting opened from the Outlook client when double clicking the record from a view

Ottlook plugin for MS CRM Dynamics

Please follow the installation guideline present along with the application. Hope your application will start working perfectly!!!

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