Workflow Monitoring

April 03, 2017

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Balamurugan Balasundaram

Practice Head - MS Dynamics CRM

Workflows consist of a series of steps and rules that serve to automate a business process. It can run on an out-of-box entity or a custom entity. It can be initiated manually, or they can be initiated automatically, in a number of different ways.

Workflow monitoring in Dynamics CRM

Workflow monitoring helps in managing tasks and requests, to build enterprise web apps, adding stability to your operation, End-to-end management of enterprise content and in creating real-time audit reports.

Workflow monitoring in Dynamics CRM

Issues \ Best practices for workflows

  1. Complex workflows going into an Infinite loop
  2. Best practices for optimizing workflow\system performance
  3. Analyzing a failed workflow
  4. Observing system performance for workflow activities

Hope this articles help you in better understanding and resolving the issue with workflows.

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