Retail Analytics Solutions


Huge amount of data is generated from several points in the supply chain. Besides, customer touch points such as kiosks, online shopping carts, mobile shopping and more contribute to the existing data. It’s imperative that actionable insights are derived out of this huge data which facilitates retailers to strategize their business operations and maximize profits. Analyzing such data will help in identifying emerging buying trends which helps in categorizing products by various parameters such as price, season, geography, and so on.

Nous’ Retail Analytics Solutions help Retail companies to analyze customers and their buying patterns across several channels and geographies. We help in analyzing the products and transaction that occur at multiple channels. Additionally, we analyze data that are obtained by integrating multiple touch points such as POS, warehouse management systems, CMS, ERP and so on.

retail analytics solutions

Facilitating Operations strategy through Intelligent Data

Nous Infosystems has a dedicated Center of Excellence providing Big Data solutions to customers worldwide. We have rich expertise in providing Retail Business Intelligence Solutions & Predictive Analytics services on various BI & Analytical Tools such as - SAS, SPSS, Business Objects, Cognos, Qlikview, MicroStrategy, Pentaho, etc.

  • Big Data Consulting Services

  • Business Intelligence

  • Predictive Analytics

Big Data Consulting Services

The rise of mobile phones, tablets, and social media has increased the amount of data generated across multiple channels. It’s very essential that retailers obtain, store and process this huge data efficiently in order to understand customer behavior and reach consumers through right channels with appropriate messages. Nous’ dedicated center of excellence on Big Data provides Retail Analytics solutions and services to its global customers which includes Big Data Architecture Consulting, Integration Services, and ETL tools for Big Data Platforms.

Business intelligence Services

Nous’ Retail Business Intelligence Solutions facilitate retailers by providing right information at the right place and the right time . This enables retailers to analyze vast amounts of data and make best business decisions out of it. Our interactive reports, dashboards provide quick insight on several parameters which helps top management executives to measure and monitor business performance. Our mobile BI solution helps in presenting BI dashboards to enable on-the-go decision making.

predictive analytics solutions in retail industry

Nous predictive analytics solutions help retailers to understand and anticipate customer needs and their buying behaviors. Our retail analytics solutions empower retailers to strategize their operations, which include product categorization, pricing, merchandising, inventory level management, etc. Our predictive analytics services have also enabled our retail customers in cross-sell/upselling, promotions and campaign management, demand planning, budgeting, forecasting, and more.

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