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Performance of online shopping website plays a major role in retaining the buyers’ attention. Effective eCommerce sales depend majorly on the delightful website experience. Various Researches depict that almost 3/4th of online buyers switch to competitor’s website if the website is slow and inconsistent. Also, 51% of online shoppers say that slowness of the website is the top reason to abandon their purchases.

Nous has established a dedicated performance consulting practice and has acquired an in-depth knowledge on various parameters that affect the performance of shopping websites. We understand online customer behavior very well and have facilitated many our retail clients by providing consistent, efficient and well-performing shopping websites.

eCommerce website performance consulting services


Nous understands the importance of eCommerce websites being consistent and fast. To cater such needs, we have developed a good knowledge on performance optimization and developed unique frameworks and tools that can optimize the eCommerce performance to a greater extent. We have optimized various eCommerce websites performance, assuring its scalability to handle the expected peak loads with reduced response time.

eCommerce performance optimization framework

Performance optimization framework components

  • nginx webserver
  • Varnish web accelerator
  • Redis cache
  • Percona database

Besides, we provide hosting services for eCommerce website, on premises and cloud. Our experts possess a great knowledge on MySQL, PHP, CSS, JS and other technologies that play a vital role in optimizing the performance .

We provide consulting services to various clients on performance attributes of their eCommerce websites. Our experts perform a deep dive testing on various parameters of eCommerce website under various loads and traffic, recommend apt suggestions which can bring the optimization of their eCommerce websites significantly. We provide pro-active assistance to customers to strategize Performance Test and manage End-to-end Performance to deploy highly scalable applications.

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