System Integration

Connecting disparate systems to enable centralized and smooth operations

Retailing is comprised of several independent activities, starting from procurement to post sales. Each of these activities are powered by several IT systems which performs specific functions. It is very essential that these systems are connected with each other efficiently, communicate to each other so as to ensure smooth operations. Besides, the trend of multi/Omni-channel retailing has made IT architecture complex. Nowadays, CIOs not only face the challenge of incorporating new and modern technology platforms but also need to integrate them with the existing legacy systems.

System integration challenges

  • Integration of legacy systems built on old technologies are non-compatible to recent technologies.
  • Fragmented IT systems from multiple channels such as supply chain, warehouses, logistics partners, etc.,
  • Integration of content management systems and social networks.
  • Implementation of Security policies to the integrated data.
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Most retailers need end-to-end IT solutions which not only perform specific function but also provide centralized control to monitor the routine operations. Nous addresses such complexities through a good understanding of retail applications and their integration. Nous’ expertise on System integration has helped many of our customers in achieving the hassle free handling of retail operation with centralized monitoring.

Nous has facilitated many retailers experience in integrating ecommerce platforms like Magento with other satellite systems which performs various functions such as Live Chat, email marketing, analytics, logistics, reporting, ticketing, PoS, payment gateways , and so on. Systems integration brings a unison with various independent operations and also provides a single portal through all those can be monitored and maintained.

connecting disparate IT systems

Milestones achieved with above framework:

  • Optimized business process flow with dynamic and batch data sync.
  • Created “Source of Truth” data for all the references.
  • Created a RASI table for the related systems.
  • Provided a robust multi-channel experience to the end users.

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