Logistics Analytics

Integrate disparate systems and analyze data to strategize operations

Logistics cycle is characterized by several independent activities such as pickup, transportation, fulfilment, delivery and more. Each of these activities are controlled by heterogeneous IT systems. Integration of these systems is vital so that the information is exchanged across the systems efficiently in order to enhance the value chain. Logistics companies rely on the operations-level data to increase transparency, reduce cost and elevate performance.

Nous expertise with integration along with the logistics domain experience help us in gaining proficiency in the integrations of systems like ERP, CRM, WMS, CMS, and more. Our robust solutions help in analyzing the flow of goods and information across various touch points of supply chain. We deliver actionable insights which help top executives in quick decision making.

Business Challenges

  • Integration of disparate IT systems such as CMS, ERP, WMS and collaboration across those systems
  • Understanding the key areas of logistics for which data collection and analysis are required to achieve the broader logistics and supply chain objectives
  • Meaningful evaluation logistics operational efficiency through an understanding of the functional metrics

Nous Capabilities

Disparate IT systems that handles various business aspects of logistics are connected to each other and exchange information on a regular basis. These systems which are heterogeneous in nature generate huge amount of data in daily operations. Analyzing such information is mandatory to facilitate efficient decision making.

  • Large scale data integration
    Integration of disparate systems with Service Oriented Architure (SOA) using web services
  • Managing Structured Data
    Managing voluminous unstructured data using Big Data technology platforms including Hadoop, Cloudera and more
  • Reporting and Analytics
    Data visualization and reporting services including Standard reports, executive dashboards, collaborative reporting and more


management of warehouse based on data analytics
  • Effective management of warehouse space based on the analyzed data of incoming and outgoing goods.
reliable data analytics
  • Availability of reliable data on inbound and delivery trends
business intelligent data analytics
  • Readily available Business Intelligent data fostering quicker decision making to ensure smooth logistics operation

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