Supply Chain Technology Solutions

Ensuring smooth movement of goods in the supply chain using technology

Nous Infosystems’ warehouse management solutions optimizes complex distribution networks through a Carrier Management System which enables central management of inventory and processes across multiple warehouse facilities. Nous’ Supply Chain Technology Solutions have helped logistics providers significantly in achieving excellent turnaround times and lower operating costs.

Business Challenges

  • Carrier management system involving various activities such as consignment booking, goods loading, trip sheet tracking  
  • Exchange of electronic information across various stakeholders - manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, stores, etc.
  • Tracking of disparate fleet vendors distributed across the various locations. 

Nous Capabilities

Distribution is a complex process comprising of various entities such as materials management, transportation, warehousing and so on. Gone are the days wherein distribution was confined to only transportation of goods from source to destination. Distribution processes consists of various IT systems connected with each other. Administering these systems with comprehensive Supply Chain Technology Solutions is mandatory to ensure smooth operations

  • various stakeholders
    Development of applications and Carrier Management Systems that facilitate tracking of various stakeholders who are involved in the transportation of carriers from source to destination.
  • working with companies worldwide
    Experience on working with companies worldwide providing comprehensive solutions in the areas of Forward and Reverse logistics
  • Applications that can track
    Applications that can track activities such as picking, labeling, put away, receiving, etc. 


improved transportation planning
  • Improved transportation planning with dynamically adjustable routes, loads and schedules based on daily volumes, which will reduce delivery time and minimize logistic costs 
improved distribution networks
  • Improved cycle times and reduced operating costs.
stock keeping units
  • Ensuring Stock Keeping Units are updated with required products at any given point of time.

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