Warehouse Management Solutions


Warehouses represent a very important link in the supply chain. Several levels of warehouses can be found in a typical distribution chain namely, Central warehouses, Regional and Retail warehouses. These warehouses interact with each other continuously to ensure hassle free fulfilment operations. Optimization of warehouse operations help in managing resources and costs effectively.

Nous has vast experience working with global warehouse providers and has been successful in providing Warehouse Management Information System solutions that facilitated them in controlling the movement and storage of goods.

Business Challenges

  • Getting the full visibility of stock 
  • Managing the complex rules of stock handling
  • Keeping track of Inventory and its movement
  • Warehouse Space utilization
  • Ensuring pick-up efficiency

Nous Capabilities

IT systems attached to warehouse play a vital role ensuring smooth operation of the entire supply chain. Warehouses act as an intermediary between suppliers and retailers and vital information is exchanged. IT Systems must be carefully administered with comprehensive Warehouse Management Solutions as they perform every possible function such as monitoring inventory, fulfilment, transportation and more.

  • Vast experience working with customers
    Vast experience working with customers having varied warehouse management requirements. Experience in building smart, scalable, functionally rich applications that manage every stage of the warehouse processes.
  • app for various hand held devices
    Development of applications and working with various hand held devices, RF and barcode scanners.
  • bespoke warehouse management
    Development of bespoke warehouse management solutions. 


warehouse inventory accuracy
  • Increased inventory accuracy and resource productivity
enhanced store efficiency
  • Enhanced efficiencies as a result of improved stock movement, both inbound and outbound
warehouse process flows
  • Improved process flows with complete visibility on the key metrics data

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