eCommerce Fraud Management


ECommerce fraud, the biggest buzz word in the online retail space, has been a major challenge for every online retailer irrespective of the quantum of business. Since online shoppers are omnipresent, the nature of fraud can have a wider range such as Credit Card fraud, Returns, Chargebacks, and Phishing attacks etc. Nous helps online retailers to prevent such frauds so as to keep themselves competitive in the business.

We are partnered with ThreatMetrixTM , world’s leading ecommerce fraud management solution provider, and offer robust eCommerce Fraud Protection solutions to e-retailers to protect online shoppers from fraudulent activities such as payment fraud, account takeover and so on. 

Business Challenges

  • Tracking or preventing credit card fraud, which constitutes more than 75% of the eCommerce frauds, is cumbersome since they happen in a myriad number of ways.
  • Returns, which are not genuine, constitute the majority of fraudulent transactions in online retailing.
  • Security of online transactions. Creating the trust and providing a secure payment environment is critical as the customers do not have any control over the retailer side security.
  • Preventing online accounts/users from the malware and other online unsecured channels.

Nous Capabilities

Research reveals that almost 1% of online revenue is lost due to payment fraud over past 2 years. Hence, it’ mandatory for any online merchants to secure their online channels from fraudulent actions. Nous provides real-time analysis for online merchants with an additional layer of eCommerce Fraud Protection to reduce the costs of fraud while safeguarding the online experience for customers.

  • Reduce the cost
    Eliminate cost to online retailers that are caused due to fraudulent online transactions
  • Protect online customers
    Safeguard online buyers from web based malwares targeting credit/debit cards
  • Reduce lost sales
    Adhering to PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards to reduce data breach
  • Eliminate or avoid the risks
    Elude the risks caused by malicious phishing attacks, malwares, automated logins and so on


hassle-free online transactions
  • Hassle-free and secured online transactions to build and maintain trust.
secured online shopping experience
  • Secured online shopping experience, which is devoid any phishing attacks during the online transaction 
eliminate eCommerce frauds
  • A Robust software solution as a part of the IT infrastructure to eliminate the online frauds that happen in the retail space.

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