Magento eCommerce Services


Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform that helps you to build a reliable online business empire and drive substantial revenue out of it. Magento helps fast growing and large online businesses to achieve competitive advantage and prosper.

Nous, a Magento Partner, facilitates retailers in implementation of Magento eCommerce services, both on-premises and cloud. We provide Magento Development services to the retailers with Magento eCommerce platform. Our in-built frameworks enables quicker implementation of Magento and reduces time-to-market.

Business Challenges

  • Implementation of Magento ecommerce platform, both on-premises and Cloud
  • Integration of third party systems with Magento eCommerce platform to streamline operations and provide Omni channel experience
  • Optimizing the performance of eCommerce platform in order to provide scalability to increase online traffic, numerous products and their content
  • Providing excellent User experience, which is the key ingredient in drawing more traffic from online buyers

Nous Capabilities

Being a partner of Magento, Nous has developed an expert in-house team who works on research and development of various tools and solutions that improves implementation and maintenance of Magento eCommerce platform. As a leading provider of Magento Ecommerce Services, Nous has been successful in developing various frameworks that improve performance of eCommerce sites drastically.

  • Development of e-commerce portal
    Development of eCommerce portal with multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi payment gateway, and country specific tax structure.
  • Cloud enablement of Magento
    Hosting of Magento on cloud to reduce TCO Expertise in Magento UI/UX and information architecture to provide excellent user interface to the online websites.
  • Expertise in Magento UI/UX
    Integration of third party systems such as POS, ERP, CRM, payment gateways, etc.
  • Integration of third party systems
    Providing ready-to-run mobile apps that can integrate with Magento seamlessly.


Magento eCommerce website
  • Excellent and robust ecommerce website that can handle huge online traffic seamlessly
retail mobile apps
  • Intuitive mobile app providing exciting shopping experience with hassle free payments
implementation of Magento eCommerce platform
  • Faster implementation of Magento ecommerce platform with very minimal downtime.

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