eCommerce Mobile App Development

Facilitating seamless mobile shopping through innovative solutions

Mobile technology has brought a significant change in retailing in recent years and is expected to increase by multifold. Nous expertise in mobility helps to deliver hassle free mobile experience to customers from browsing to checkout.

We specialize in developing next-gen multi-channel single code based apps that can be deployed to phones, tablets and desktops irrespective of technology the device is using and extend the app to connect to existing retail application stack. We are partnered with some of the best product companies in the mobility space which enable us to deliver quickly implementable solutions to our customers.

Business Challenges

  • Robust mobile applications which can integrate different channels of retail industry and provide user-friendly shopping experience.
  • Development of mobile apps that are compatible to operating systems including android, iOS, Windows and more.
  • Security and administration of mobile applications and websites is a major challenge since the end-users are in large scale and omnipresent generating huge traffic.

Nous Capabilities

Research depicts that there is a huge orientation of online buyers towards mobile shopping in coming years. In order to capture this emerging trend, Nous has leveraged its capabilities in mobility space to develop mobile apps that provide an efficient and robust mobile commerce platform.

  • ready-to-run mobile app
    Development of mobile applications, which allow customers to search products by browsing product catalogue and pricing details
  • enhanced self-service
    Establishing consistent brand experience through intuitive mobile user interface
  • brand experience
    Extending the mobile app to connect to existing retail application stack
  • Mobile payment Solutions
    Integration of mobile apps with secured payment gateways to prevent mobile buyers from fraud transactions


capturing interests of retail customers
  • Capturing interests of customers who like to shop with their hand-held devices.
secured mobile transactions
  • Secured mobile transactions over the complete payment cycle using mobile devices.
retail customer experience
  • Enhanced customer experience due to consistent brand involvement.

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