Store operations

Ensuring smooth store operations through effective merchandising

Achieving excellence in operations is critical to success in the retail industry. Streamlining store operations which include PoS, Barcoding and scanners, CRM, pickup, returns, is a major challenge faced by the retailers.

With an in-depth knowledge of retail industry and working with various global organizations, Nous empowers its customers to achieve efficient store operations leveraging its innovative IT solutions.

Business Challenges

  • PoS solutions used by retail companies have limited number of functionalities and poses challenges in integrating various aspects of store operations.
  • Establishing Omnichannel experience which provides real time shopping experience with less human intervention.
  • Defining the customer loyalty programs by closely monitoring the usage of loyalty cards, schemes and promotions.

Nous Capabilities

Brick and mortar stores rule the retail world as it provides real time experience for the shoppers. Meanwhile, these stores are characterized many independent operations that are furnished disparate systems. It is mandatory to orchestrate all systems in order to bring out smooth operations. Nous understands this dynamic characteristics and provide innovative solutions in this space.

  • Proven expertise
    Proven expertise in building robust PoS for retail organizations, achieving excellence in various store operations activities.
  • Expertise in data integration
    Enabling data synchronization between registers, cash points and main server.
  • Highly skilled professionals
    Development of access point applications and integration of the same with master inventory.
  • Online and offline synchronization
    Integration of data from several offline and online sources to manage customer requirements thoroughly.


retail customer support systems
  • Efficient customer support systems to help in reducing store handling times, eliminating manual errors and leakage of revenue.
easy payment methods
  • Easy handling of payment methods such as cash, credit/debit cards, coupons, gift vouchers and so on.
efficient management of retail customers
  • Efficient management of customer data and behavior, thus facilitating the store operations strategy.

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