• Is your application a year old? Then most probably your tech stack is outdated!
  • Worried about UI technologies frameworks getting outdated?
  • Facing challenges of slow performance, non-scalable, non-maintainable applications?

Nous has built an Uber UI Framework that keeps your application tech stack up to date with Technology and Time. Our Uber user interface framework is not bound to a specific technology, follows the best industry practices and changes can be managed with ease.

We offer you the following key value-adds that are hard to miss and can provide you an overall gain of 30-40% in application development.

  • Well-architected starter kits: Helps developers to start the work from 40% completed application.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Eliminates cross browser issues and enables Uniformity.
  • Automated Build Tool: That reduce the size of the application by 60%.
  • Optimized Code: Our architectural rule approach reduces development time by about 30%.
  • Testability: Our kit with built-in unit testing helps reduce testing time by 25%.
  • Architecture for Design: Uniformity in the CSS code drive performance increase by about 20%.

Join our new upcoming webinar on "Uber UI framework" to be held on Wednesday, 25th July, 2018 at 01:00 PM EDT., to understand more about Uber user interface framework.




Ignatius Andrew

UI/UX Architect

Ignatius Andrew, UI/UX Architect at Nous Infosystems, Front End Web Architect with 15 years’ experience in Architecting Large Scale Javascript Applications and Hybrid Mobile Applications.

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