Deliver unparalleled customer experience with Salesforce implementation services

Whether you’re considering adopting Salesforce for your customer management needs or have already implemented it, we can help you maximize the value of your investments. Nous’ team of certified Salesforce implementation consultants will help you tap into the platform’s potential to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. 

Nous offers comprehensive services across the Salesforce eco-system, utilizing AI, Analytics, and IoT to transform customer experiences. Leverage our Salesforce advisory, integration, migration, support and maintenance services to implement Salesforce, align your organization, and streamline the way you connect with prospects and customers. 


Implementation Services


Business architecture design

Customized development

Product validation

Ongoing support

Business & Technical Consulting

Process/System improvements

Gap analysis

Feature and cloud evaluation

Data and analytics assessment

Integration evaluation

Technical debt validation

Migration Services

Complete migration and consolidation of legacy and/or existing tools to holistic CRM solution

Data transformation

Expert Services

Architect As a service

Admin and developer support services

Einstein AI services

Analytics services

Support and Maintenance Services



Incident and event management

Change and release management

Salesforce Testing

Manual testing

Automation testing


Sales Cloud

Gain valuable customer insights and close deals faster.

Service Cloud

Deliver smarter, faster, and more personalized customer service.

Community Cloud

Enhance collaboration and drive engagement with your brand.


Track and measure the effectiveness of your communications.

Marketing Cloud

Discover and understand customers better.

Einstein Analytics

Gain valuable data insights for smart decision-making.


Generate quotes for orders swiftly and accurately.

Why Nous?

salesforce success
salesforce experts
innovation hub
empowering businesses
operational efficiency

Crafting tailored solutions, amplifying customer engagement, and delivering unrivaled AI-driven experiences.

Fusing domain prowess with tech finesse, our certified experts drive seamless integration and transformative analytics.

Pioneering digital evolution, our Tech Excellence Center crafts solutions that reshape industries for excellence.

Amplify growth with adaptable strategies, co-creating success stories and customer-centric solutions.

Unearth insights, steer customer journeys, and heighten efficiency through AI-powered analytics.

Engagement Models 


Interaction process

Development process


Platforms and technologies



Number of applications



Incumbent knowledge transition

Technology mix

Strategic importance of applications

Pricing Models

Effort based pricing or time & material

Project based pricing or fixed bid or milestone-based billing

Named dedicated development resources or retainer

Strategic partner model

Offshore Development Center (ODC)



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Best practices for Salesforce testing

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Datorama – complete marketing intelligence

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