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Trending technologies like SMAC (Social, Media, Analytics, and Cloud) have created a more challenging and capable technology environment for developing intelligent, agile applications. Nous has consistently provided digital application services that meet critical business problems.

Nous’ IT Application Services address business and technology challenges, helping organizations maximize ROI on their IT investments. With deep technology expertise, we provide comprehensive IT application lifecycle services to help design and build robust applications that define a business’s brand, efficiency, and success. We enable fast and secure deployment, management, and upgrading of applications to support long-term business objectives.

Application services


Application Development

Experience premium app development for advanced solutions and client success.

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Application Maintenance

Access elite app maintenance for seamless functionality and peak performance.

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Application Integration

Advanced app integration seamlessly connects systems for optimal functionality.

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Application Modernization

Top-tier app modernization services, ensuring agile and future-ready solutions.

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Why Nous?

digital application services
Leading Teachnologies
Flexible engagement models
skilled talent pool
lifecycle management

Comprehensive IT application services covering the entire lifecycle – from design and development to deployment, maintenance, and support.

Access to expertise, resources, and best practices to build robust, feature-rich applications that align with industry standards.

Customized services based on the client’s unique requirements, ensuring solutions perfectly fit their business goals.

Certified experts across locations and an advanced network of CoEs specialized in core aspects of modern software foundations.

Efficient resource allocation, ensuring applications meet the organization’s data security, regulatory, and compliance requirements.


Case Study

Enhanced fund processing efficiency for a leading US-based bank

Redesigned existing web app to eliminate dependency on the legacy FX system, significantly improving performance.

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