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The demand for custom applications is increasing in today’s dynamic market ecosystem. Most often, the packaged off-the-shelf solutions available in the market may not effectively address an organization’s critical business needs. Businesses need to capitalize on the potential benefits of custom application development to address diversified business needs and stay competitive.

Nous is a leading enterprise application development company. For more than two decades, we have been enabling enterprises to design, create, deploy, and maintain applications tailored for a specific set of users or functions. Through comprehensive custom application development services, we help streamline complex development needs, increasing efficiency and reducing costs, time, and effort. We work closely with customers to develop applications that bring unparalleled value to the business.


Application assessment 

Architecture roadmap 

Design & development  

Application integration  

Application modernization 

Success Factors for Custom Application Development

Setting business goals and prioritizing requirements agreed upon by stakeholders  

Detailed project planning based on data and estimates 

Development and management of schedules 

Identification of risks and development of mitigation plans  

Regular communication with stakeholders regarding the project’s progress   

Why Nous?

enterprise application development
 Technology Centres
Reusable assets
 Long-standing partnership

Comprehensive services to support the conceptualization, development, deployment, maintenance, and enhancement of applications.

Established CoCs, offering expertise in specific technologies and delivering exceptional solutions with deep knowledge.

Well-established foundation for innovation, allowing developers to focus on unique features and functionalities.

Demonstrated excellence in innovation and implementation of solutions based on Microsoft and Oracle technologies.

Automated, optimized processes to keep digital applications relevant, competitive, and aligned with evolving user needs.


Case Study

Credit evaluation and appraisal system for a leading corporate bank

Designed and developed a SharePoint-based solution, leveraging its built-in capabilities to enhance various functions.

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