Accelerate DevOps transformation journey with DevOps consulting services 

Introducing DevOps – the game-changer that progressive organizations are harnessing to revolutionize their operations. By bridging the gap between Development and Operations, DevOps unleashes a whirlwind of benefits that catapult applications, products, and services to the forefront of the market, leaving traditional methods in the dust. 

At Nous, we know DevOps inside and out. With unparalleled expertise and a track record of empowering multiple enterprises we specialize in DevOps consulting services that streamline operations with Infrastructure Automation like never before, aligning perfectly with your business goals.

Assess and Improve your DevOps Capabilities with Nous 

Identify the current state of DevOps maturity through process gap analysis, tools inventory, KPIs, roadmap, and key recommendations to take the next step in DevOps journey.

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Nous offers comprehensive DevOps services, integrating Azure and GitHub for optimal outcomes. From DevOps Consulting Services to infrastructure automation using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and CI/CD implementation, processes are streamlined. The solutions ensure real-time insights with DevOps Intelligence and expert training for a smooth transition to DevOps on Azure and GitHub platforms, encompassing Continuous Delivery and Application Release Automation (ARA).

Increase Speed-to-market with Nous DevOps Engagement Program

DevOps Readiness Assessment

Unlock collaboration’s true potential – Optimize with DevOps Readiness Assessment!

End-to-End DevOps implementations

Ignite operations revolution – Embrace the game-changer DevOps Platform!

DevOps accelerator Programs

Fast track to success with DevOps Accelerator Programs – Unleash full potential!

DevOps Managed Services

Simplify operations with DevOps Managed Services – Focus on innovation while we handle the rest!

Increase Collaboration & Improve Productivity with Nous DevOps Service Offerings  

Build & Release Management

CI & CD pipeline construction

Release management workflow setup

code quality control

Test automation integration

Infrastructure Automation

Configuration management


Infrastructure as code

Cloud and on premise infrastructure management

Tracking and Monitoring

APM tools implementation

Log Management

Infrastructure Monitoring

Tools implementation

Database monitoring

Customized dashboards

Training and Migration

Tools training

Tools migration assistance

Agile coaching

DevOps workshops and boot camps

Our DevOps Process Methodology

Business Benefits   

Improved customer experience and satisfaction

Breaking down the silos

Aligning IT and business

Agility and increased speed to market

Ready response to changing market and customer demands

Incorporating feedback

Better software stability and quality

Team empowerment

Improving the ROI of data

Greater business valuation

Why Nous?

DevOps mastery
Skilled DevOps
Tech Excellence
Tailored Solutions
Data driven

Our 25+ years of DevOps expertise fuels seamless alignment between development and operations, driving business success.

Our certified DevOps specialists harness their domain knowledge to optimize processes, ensuring your project’s success.

At the heart of innovation, our Center of Excellence pioneers cutting-edge DevOps solutions, elevating your operations.

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, we customize DevOps solutions that propel your growth and customer delight.

Our certified resources blend DevOps and data mastery, uncovering insights to enhance customer experiences and efficiency.


Case Study

DevOps implementation for a major financial services company in the US

Engaged as a development partner through a pilot project, bringing the standard DevOps setup to selected applications.


Azure DevSecOps jumpstart

Assess, pilot, and manage a successful DevSecOps roll-out to embed continuous security into app/infra build pipeline on Azure.

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