End-to-End Retail technology solutions that redefine shopping experience

Revolutionize retail experience with dedicated retail practice with seamless technology solutions to deliver a 360-degree view of shoppers, empowering to convert browsers into buyers. Deliver a personalized shopping experience across all channels and enhance business outcomes.


Fashion and Apparel

Incorporate advanced commerce techniques to enhance customer trends and consistently manage end-user preferences.


From intuitive design to secure payment options, deliver a seamless experience to the customers with advanced eTail features.

Speciality Retail

Expand product line, improve customer experience, and streamline operations to deliver superior quality products.

General Merchandise

Manage product sourcing, inventory management, and logistics with General Merchandise as a Service (GMaaS) to offer the best selection effortlessly.

Food & Groceries

Explore customizable options and hassle-free solutions to handle end-to-end operations with reliable and scalable platform.



Offer end-to-end solutions & e-commerce platform development services for a smooth customer experience online.

Mobile Enablement

Leverage next-gen, multi-channel platforms to revolutionize retail business with mobile e-commerce development services to create unique shopping experience and checkout.

Digital Transformation

Access strategic roadmap and business case development to create a comprehensive, multi-channel approach that maximizes revenue potential at every touchpoint.


Analyze customers and products across geographical markets with analytical engine to integrate data, identify revenue and profit opportunities.

User Experience

Curate a personalized and immersive experience to engage and integrate user experiences that promote long-term customer loyalty.

System Integration

Provide seamless integration and communication between heterogeneous systems, including eCommerce, ERP, POS, CRM, CMS, and WMS systems.

Why Nous?

Retail-Ready expertise
Crafting retail
skilled workforce
Partnering with retailers
Precision tech

Tailor-made solutions, skilled teams, and region-specific insight for elevated shopping experiences.

Seamlessly blend retail process with technological finesse, driving conversions and personalized journeys.

Expertise in domain acumen with tech excellence, we magnify customer engagement and operational finesse.

Tailor solutions to suit any scale, cultivating prosperity and shopper satisfaction across the board.

Unveil data insights, steer personalized experiences, and heighten efficiency through technology expertise.


Case Study

Refreshed Ecommerce website for a manufacturer and retailer of specialized bags

Implemented Magento eCommerce platform and integrated the system with Payment gateway, ERP, WMS, OMS, and social media.

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