Generate insightful, intuitive, and impactful data visualization services

Unlock timely business intelligence from your data with compelling visualizations. Create charts, reports, and infographics that everyone can comprehend using comprehensive data visualization solutions. 

For over two decades, Nous has created data visualizations and reports that have helped organizations drive their business forward. Our data visualization services empower users across different organizational levels to analyze and present data quickly and efficiently. Nous’ data visualization consultants have in-depth experience in deploying enterprise-wide data analytics solutions and optimizing current implementations.  

Data Visualization Design Standards


Custom Visuals in Power BI


Audience focused 

Easy to understand

Standard design principles

Designed to reveal relevant data 



Adoption strategy and readiness assessment

Assessment of current environments

Strategy and roadmap

Visualization tools evaluation

Solution modeling


Best-fit visualization solution design

UX designs based on the latest standard and ease of use

Define and design key KPIs, drill-down paths, aggregated and detailed views






Power BI services

As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner for Data Analytics, Nous provides a comprehensive range of Power BI services, from creating a BI roadmap to building easy-to-use interactive dashboards that empower you to discover hidden insights in your data.

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Nous helps you build modern BI and visualization solutions using Qlik’s agile and extensible platform to unlock silos of information, collect actionable feedback, and extract more value from your data.

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Why Nous?

domain mastery
versatile solution
global relevance
data visualization
assured results

Harness decades of experience and domain expertise to visualize data in ways that drive meaningful decisions.

From startups to enterprises, our skilled workforce crafts tailored visualizations that cater to businesses of all sizes.

Unearth region-specific insights with our expertise, ensuring the data visuals resonate across diverse contexts.

As a technology hub, we lead the data visualization frontier, offering certified resources for transformative solutions.

Elevate data analysis with our certified experts and custom-built accelerators, unveiling trends and opportunities.


Case Study

Qlik data visualization solution for a leading sports retailer in asia

Implemented a QlikView-based BI solution with self-service features to optimize warehouse planning, improving sales and margins.


BI trends – more power to users, better insights

Understand self-service BI and the advent of ML within the scope of self-service BI in giving end users added advantages.


Power BI: 2-week proof of concept

Create a pilot Power BI Solution in just two weeks, along with a roadmap for accelerating BI into the organization.

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